Sweet Home (スウィートホーム Suīto hōmu) is a Japanese horror film released by Toho Co. on 21 January, 1989. It was released concurrently with a video game of the same title for the Nintendo Famicom.


A small film crew of five visit the old, abandoned mansion of famous artist Ichirō Mamiya, intending to restore his paintings and film a documentary about him. The crew consists of leader Kazuo, his daughter, Emi, producer Akiko, photographer Taguchi, and art restorer Asuka. After entering the house, the crew are trapped inside, and haunted by a variety of paranormal occurrences. As they explore deeper into the mansion, they learn of Ichirō's wife, Lady Mamiya, who had gone insane after the loss of her child, and now haunts the mansion as a ghost, killing any intruders. After the surviving crew reunite her with her lost son, she is finally brought to peace, as the mansion collapses behind them.

(If anyone who has seen the movie could flesh out this plot description, it would be greatly appreciated.)